Emerging collaborative housing developments inspired by internationally proven model.


We’re currently working on two separate developments in Tasmania, with the view of more projects nationally.


Depending on the selected land size, each development  aims to become home to about 10 or more families and individuals. 


  With the preliminary research phase concluded, we are now assembling groups of members for each development.

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Our vision

Vibrant, resilient, sustainable


Our vision is an affordable yet sophisticated residential development.

Cohousing is a proven and well functioning housing typology, common in Europe and increasingly in Australia. Cohousing allows residents to enjoy a healthy balance between private and social life, whilst providing opportunities for substantial savings.

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Drawing from both traditional models and contemporary knowledge, we aim to create beautiful homes for vibrant, multigenerational, environmentally minded communities.

Affordability is key to our vision. We believe it possible for members to buy a land share and build a modest home from under $100,000 (owner built, extensible later).

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Development Principles

Below are some of our emerging principles.

Complemetary architecture

Inspired by picturesque European towns, our buildings will speak a common design language, utilising local materials and sustainable design principles.

New urbanism

A compact building array informed by proven, well functioning historical and contemporary models will afford residents both good privacy and social interaction.

Cost and Funding

We aim to make it possible to buy a land share and build a modest  home (extendable later) from under $100,000.

Local economy

We will encourage local business and economy, such as professional services, online business, home industries, urban farming and food production.

People and community

The development welcomes young people, families and the elderly alike, creating a naturally balanced community.

Bylaws and conflict resolution

Bylaws will guide the daily operation of the development. Any conflict will be resolved in a positive manner.

The design

Design guidelines

Inevitably, those magical, picturesque villages and towns that keep appearing in photographs, films and paintings have things in common: consistent aesthetic according to specific local conditions, strong identity and rich traditions and culture shared across many generations. Some are also blessed by breathtaking natural scenery. In the spirit of complementary architecture, we’re look for nothing less.

The developments are community building projects designed to grow organically and harmoniously, with each member’s voice heard. 

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