Design Principles


Development location is selected jointly by residents, within a suitable zone which permits multi-residential land use and in convenient proximity to transport and services.


A compact array of individual dwellings is designed with key consideration for:

  • Solar access for residents and neighbours
  • Privacy for residents and neighbours
  • Children’s safety
  • Maximum landscaped or garden area

Individual dwellings

Individual dwellings are designed for maximum spatial efficiency. Each dwelling has

  • One open plan kitchen, dining and living room (optionally kitchen may be a separate room)
  • A single bathroom
  • A maximum of one other small wet room, such as a separate WC, ensuite, laundry or mud room
  • A maximum of 3 bedrooms
  • A small, private garden or courtyard (optionally fenced or screened)

Shared facilities

The following shared facilities may be provided:

  • Workshop/tool shed
  • Bicycle/pram shed
  • Laundry
  • BBQ area
  • Guest rooms


Natural and locally produced building materials are preferred. All materials used are non-toxic and non-contaminating.


At least one parking space or garage per dwelling is provided, preferably adjacent to the public road, to maximise permeable, landscaped area.


All shared spaces are designed to be accessible to people with disabilities.


Residential bylaws

In the interest of quiet enjoyment of all residents, explicitly prohibited are

  • the release of smoke or other substance (such as tobacco, vaping or fireplace smoke), that may be smelt standing at ground level outside a dwelling.
  • electronically amplified music or media audible outside a dwelling.
  • the keeping of a domestic animal capable of producing noise or odour perceptible outside a dwelling.
  • producing sound or noise audible outside any dwelling between 10pm and 7am, with the exception of social events previously agreed upon by all other residents.
  • any other non-essential acts or activities causing nuisance to other residents.

Keeping in mind the inadvertent error or extraordinary circumstances, the agreed legal consequences of bylaw breaches are:

  • First breach in any consecutive 365 days results in a written warning.
  • Second breach in any consecutive 365 days results in a fine of $50 payable to the residents’ co-op within 30 days of issue.
  • Third breach in any consecutive 365 days results in a fine of $500 payable to the residents’ co-op within 30 days of issue.
  • Fourth breach in any consecutive 365 days results in the termination of the residential contract and the legal requirement of the offender to vacate the premises within 14 days. The offender loses all rights within the residents’ Company, except to market and sell their share and dwelling to a new resident approved by the Company.